Please print a copy of the field meets

Field Meets

Open field meets will be decided upon the week before dependant upon the weather conditions and the preferences of those intending to cave that particular weekend.
Saturday 5 January Aquamole 3 SRT
Friday 25 January to Sunday 27 January Nenthead Weekend Grade 3
Sunday 10 February Heron / Yordas 3 SRT
Sunday 3 March Hillocks / Whalf Mine Grade 3 SRT
Sunday 17 March Open Meet TBC
Sunday 7 April Hawdrawkin, Sunset, Great Douk 3 SRT
Saturday 20 April Open Meet TBC
Saturday 4 May Nettle Grade 4 SRT
Sunday 19 May Christmas Pot GG Winch meet Grade 3 SRT
Saturday 1 June Meregill Grade 4 SRT
Friday 14 June to Sunday 16 June North Wales Weekend TBC
Saturday 6 July FOUL Pot Grade 4 SRT
Friday 26 July to Sunday 28 July Lakes Weekend Weekend TBC
Sunday 11 August Maskhill Mine / Oxlow Grade 4 SRT
Saturday 24 Aubust Open Meet TBC
Sunday 15 September Open Meet TBC
Sunday 29 September Upper Lower Long Churn, Alum, Diccan Various dependant on Route
Saturday 19 October Mongo Gill Grade 3 SRT
Sunday 3 November Ease Ghyll TBC
Sunday 17 November Swinsto / Simpsons Grade 3 / 4 SRT
Sunday 1 December Lost Johns Grade 4 SRT
Friday 13 December to Sunday 15 December Christmas Weekend TBC



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