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Field Meets

Open field meets will be decided upon the week before dependant upon the weather conditions and the preferences of those intending to cave that particular weekend.
Sunday 7th February Heron & Yordas Grade 3 SRT (N)
Saturday 28th February Notts Pot Grade 4 SRT
Sunday 14th March Mongogill Grade 3 Ladders (N)
Saturday 3th April Spectacle to Vesper (+ alternate for larger cavers!) Grade 5 SRT
23/25th April Crackpot Cave Swaledale Weekend Grade 2 Horizontal (N)
Sunday 23th May Gaping Gill Grade 3 SRT (N)
28/31th May North Wales Weekend  
Saturday 12th June New Rift Grade 4 SRT
25/27th June Lakes Weekend  
Saturday 10th July Meregill Grade 4 SRT
23/25th July Peak Cavern, Peak District Weekend Grade 4 Horizontal(ish) (N)
Saturday 14th August Open Meet  
Sunday 29th August Open Meet  
Saturday 18th September Goydon Manchester etc Grade 2/4 Horizontal (N)
Sunday 3rd October James Hall Over Engine Mine Grade 4 SRT
22/24th October Nenthead Weekend Mines, various (N)
Sunday 7th November Robinson Pot Grade 3 SRT (N)
Saturday 27th November Lost Johns Grade 3/4 SRT
10/12th December Christmas Weekend Various (N)
  (N) = Suitable for new/novice cavers  



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