Dave & Catriona joined Andy and myself for a trip down Notts 2

The weather was overcast but otherwise dry as we parked up on Leck fell.  We got changed and set off down the road to find the entrance.

The entrance hatch opened, we descended down the man-made entrance shaft, which consisted of ladders, scaffolding poles, construction bricks and expanding foam all Macgyvered together with typical caver inginuity

Once at the bottom we had a few more natural shorter decents to overcome with the help of the in-situ ladders and rope loops

We reached the main streamway and initially went downstream for an explore

When we found the low bedding crawl to the sump we turned around and headed upstream to find the main event, and we were not disapointed

Carrying on through the formations we found a large pool of water which was thought to be the end.  I thought it might go futher and after getting wet up to my waist, I encouraged others to follow

It was good that we did continue, as the formations got even better

Then we entered a section where there was protection tape in place, so we were extra careful to stay within the taped path to protect the formations

After this, Dave and Catriona headed out, while Andy and I went to explore the connection through to Lost John's

It was a crawly, tight, bendy passage that we went through for at least 30 minutes.  Not knowing how long it would take we decided to turn back so Dave and Catriona wouldn't be concerned for us.  We agreed this requires a return visit to understand the connection and allow us the possibility of organising a Lost Johns connection/exchange trip in the future