Andy, Robin, Mike, Danni (novice SRT) and I (Stuart) went to Scanty Lardos pot on Upper Littondale, North Yorkshire

We entered around 11:30 and the stream bed was pretty dry; so the entrance wasn’t flowing over with water but there was enough of the wet stuff on the first pitch to make its name “Misery Pitch” quite true

After we gathered together just Past the bottom of the pitch (where it was dryer) we continued on along the interesting lefts&rights. After crawling in some quite cold water for a section Danni decided it was enough and for her. Robin volunteered to go back out with her and Andy went also to provide assistance if needed for Danni. Mike and I carried on, noting that the crawling wet bits appeared to be behind us. We passed several amazing calcite flows which were brilliant white in colour, having a lack of surface peat to discolour the formations

The second pitch was quite damp. An in-situ deviation helped but another one further down would have been useful

The 3rd pitch came soon after and Mike dropped a glove while rigging (”I’ll not see that again”).

“My glove!”

Once at the bottom Mike had a quick look up the calcite'd boulder choke before turning back.

Mike sitting on the boulder choke covered by a calcite flow

It was 13:15 and after a quick photo & snack break we headed out, Mike going first. A few meters up he spotted his glove floating in a pool and it was quickly retrieved.

Our trip out was without incident, albeit a bit damp going up the second pitch (“that’ll be the worse bit” - Mike) and a lot damp squirming up Misery pitch (“I think you were wrong about the 2nd being the worst!” - Stuart). I heard Danni calling down from the surface so i knew the others had waited for us to exit, which was around 14:30.

Overall a great trip, with a lot more going on than my reading of the CNCC guide made me believe