This is a brief trip report of a trip to further explore the Ease Gill system

Andy, Robin and I (Stuart) chose to do a County Pot to Wretched Rabbit trip to explore another entrance to the system, rather than the planned Tatham Wife trip due to potential rainfall and only 3 of us on the trip

We entered County with ease and followed the CNCC description, the only time we had difficulty was in finding the climb up into Poetic Justice, but careful reading and observation we eventually found it

The 3 of us in Poetic Justice

We eventually came out to Eureka Junction and had a brief explore downstream, noting the recent scum deposits telling us that not too long ago we’d have been in very deep and fast flowing water!

Andy crawling downstream of Eureka Junction

We turned back and exited out of Wretched Rabbit. Having SRT kit on made the going a bit more exhausting, but it was really tough dragging the tackle bags back up the winding Wretched Rabbit series and entrance climbs!

We agreed that this was another good exploration and that the next trip should be a Wretched to Stop Pot and onwards into the main upper passage towards Fall Pot, as this would connect together the 2 sides we’d explored and would allow for a future through trip